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Hurricanes: Science and Society
NHC: 5th Grade Webinars
National Hurricane Center: 2013 5th Grade Webinars

The Hurricane Webinars for 5th Grade classes are presented by the Hurricanes: Science and Society (HSS) team at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography (URIO/GSO) in partnership with the NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC). The purpose of the Hurricane Webinars is to raise awareness about hurricanes in advance of the 2013 North Atlantic hurricane season. The webinars will be presented by region: Gulf Coast, Southeast, and Northeast (see below for region definition).

During these these 1-hour webinars, students will hear from NHC scientists and forecasters, as well as NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) personnel that fly into hurricanes. A presentation on region-specific hurricane science and preparedness will be given with interactive questions prompting student responses. Classroom questions will also be collected in advance of the webinar; as many of these questions as possible will be answered by the hurricane scientists. Many videos, visualizations, graphics, and other media will be included to engage students. Groups will also receive a virtual tour of the National Hurricane Center.

Webinars are offered on 5 different dates. Each Hurricane Webinar is similar except for some region specific information

Recordings of the webinars can be viewed anytime. Check the links below.

Gulf Coast Webinar, Monday, March, 18 and Thursday, March 21, 2013.
Gulf Coast States include: TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, and FL Panhandle & FL Gulf Coast.

Monday, March 18, 10am CT (11am ET)

Thursday, March 21, 9am CT (10am ET)

Southeast Coast Webinar, Monday, May 13, 2013.
Southeast Coast states include: FL Atlantic Coast, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE & Washington DC.

Monday, May 13, 10am ET - recording will be posted soon

Northeast Coast Webinar, Wednesday, May 8, and Wednesday May 15, 2013.
Northeast Coast states include: NJ, PA, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME.

Wednesday, May 8, 10am ET

Wednesday, May 15, 10am ET

US map showing states in each region


For additional preparedness information, go to these websites:
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All materials from the 2012 5th grade webinar series are available here.